Moulding Processes

Our facility consists of 15 injection moulders ranging in size from 22 to 550 tonne. Included is an Arburg 200 tonne twin barrel co-moulding machine.

Product Quality is Guaranteed

In accordance with our ISO accreditation, systems are in place to track every aspect of production; material batch numbers, production times, dates, machine operators etc. We have a full-time qualified QA Manager totally dedicated to that task to ensure that we consistently meet your quality expectations.

All internal systems are computer controlled. Historical information on all products moulded is stored in the moulding machine (backed up on disk) so that quality standards can be exactly replicated during every production run. For every production run, set-up sheets, start-up sheets, QC photo sheets, carton labels and product go/no go samples are generated for the die-setters, technical team, machine operators and QC checkers.

We process over 50 different resins so there is a material available to suit every condition and application.

pics from factory etc..?
Arburg 570C 200 tonne

pics from factory etc..?

pics from factory etc..?
Selex 550 tonne