The Project Management Process

"Design is what connects engineering to human needs"

We can help you take your project from a design brief through to the finished product.
The process may include some or all of the following:
Product design, material selection, prototypes, toolmaking and moulding.

Some of your design objectives may be to:

  • Design cost out of the product - improve cost/benefit ratio
  • Make the product more user friendly - make it clearly worth the effort to change
  • add features that are seen as obvious benefits
  • improve aesthetics
  • investigate the use of new materials
  • improve ergonomics

Innovation and change are clearly central
to economic performance.

Go/No Go Tolerance Guage Stress Guage

A variety of tolerance go/no go gauges we use to quality check moulded products on the production line.

  Tasting Cups Go/No Go Tolerance Guage